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March 2012
Climate Change and Invasive Species

       The effects climate change on invasive species have been of concern to researchers and policy makers for some time. This month there have been several stories that highlight actual impacts that are upon us.   

     In Louisiana, oddly temperate conditions have been a boon for some of the state's invasive plants, an army that now numbers 383 species. Boaters and anglers on parts of Toledo Bend Reservoir in Sabine Parish are reporting thick patches of salvinia, which is native to South America. Closer to home, in Avoyelles Parish, wildlife agents are battling dense mats of hydrilla verticillata, which is native to Asia. Both aquatic weeds are deemed noxious by federal wildlife laws. Read More

        Mountain pine beetles are now breeding twice in some years instead of once, according to researchers at the University of Colorado, contributing to the severity of the current beetle outbreak, which has devastated lodgepole pine forests across the state.  Read More

     The Wisconsin state Department of Natural Resources says invasive species – like other plants – are coming up early this year, because of the warm winter and unseasonably warm spring. The DNR says if you typically pull species such as garlic mustard in May, you might have to do so earlier this year.
 Read More 

   In Canada, an invasive species is destroying Oshawa’s ash trees at a much faster pace than initially anticipated. Oshawa staff had predicted that the pests would destroy almost all of the City’s ash trees with a sharp increase in tree deaths five years from now. But after hearing about increased infestation in Whitby, staff investigated in Oshawa and found the problem is coming earlier than expected, with a sharp increase in tree deaths expected to start this year.  Learn More

Lake Associations Sue Minnesota DNR

    Two imperatives -- protecting the lakes and keeping them open to all -- are at the heart of a lawsuit filed last week by three west-metro lake associations against the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The associations claim the state has failed to devise a comprehensive plan against invasive species and has thwarted their efforts to protect the lakes they treasure.

   "It's not clear to the general public that the battleground for zebra mussels in 2012 is Minnesota," said Joe Shneider, president of the Christmas Lake Homeowners Association, one of litigants. "Every state east of us has lost the war," he said.

   But some say the lawsuit and the gates will only inflame the debate, not solve the problem.  "Those aren't their lakes," said Vern Wagner, executive director of Anglers for Habitat.  Read More

Asian Carp Updates

   The effort to find methods to control carp continue and this month we heard of some promising new research into a "poison pill" that may prove to be effective. Read More

  Preventing the introduction of carp eliminates the need to control them and Canadian authorities are working to protect their waters. Recently, 14,000 pounds of live Asian carp were seized at the U.S.-Canadian border, the third such seizure in less than two months. The seizure,involved fish from farms in the southern United States bound for markets in Toronto, where the invasive species is popular in Asian cuisine.  Read More

Wisconsin AIS Survey

   The River Alliance of Wisconsin, in partnership with multiple agency and citizen stakeholder groups, has recently developed the Lower Wisconsin River Basin Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Strategic Plan.  As part of their process of implementing the plan they are asking for people familiar with the area to help by completing a survey.

   This survey will provide important information about the opportunities and challenges around AIS issues in the Lower Wisconsin River basin.    Take The Survey

Previously Posted On Facebook   
     These stories have been featured during February on our Facebook pages.

Montana FWP puts to rest "no live bait" rumors

Cat-sized rats reappear in Florida Keys

Anglers get chance to combat invasive species at New Orleans City Park fishing rodeo

Here's a great video that discusses the invasives problem in a very entertaining fashion! 

In Montana, invasive northern pike are being aggressively removed to benefit the trout populations

Meet Izzy the beagle, defender of US agriculture

Weed Science Society of America Highlights Progress against Hydrilla Infestation in Finger Lakes Region

Angler hauls in record catfish

Carp dominate crayfish in invasive species battleground

Alien Species Invading Antarctica via Tourists, Scientists

Wyoming officials report some success in controlling invasive trout populations on the Snake River

Massachusetts Anglers Offered Cash to Abstain from Fishing for a Year

Fishermen Must Remove 40 Million Pounds of Carp from Utah Lake

Glacier Park is trying to protect native trout from invasive lake trout

Invasive Blue and Flathead Catfish Threat to Chesapeake Bay Ecosystems

Walleye fans are speaking out against a Spokane Tribe plan to offer bounties on Walleye in Lake Roosevelt

Secondhand Lions: Catch, Keep, Eat

Angler hauls in record catfish - Gettysburg man pulls 80-pounder out of Potomac River

NationalProStaff.com has put out this reminder that all anglers have a role in preventing invasive species

NOAA reauthorizes killing of California sea lions at Bonneville Dam

Earthworms to Blame for Decline of Ovenbirds in Northern Midwest Forests

Court won't close shipping canal immediately to stop invasive carp

March 2012

    This is the second issue of the Clean Angling News that mostly relies on material that we have previously posted on Facebook. Since we acquire the links we post all month long we have taken to putting a lot of them up on Facebook as we secure them.

     Our  Clean Angling Facebook page is where we post our links that deal with cleaning, boat inspections and other issues of interest to anglers. On the Invasive Species Action Network page we post all types of invasive species news including policy issues, news about non aquatic invaders and other items of interest.

     Since many of our readers don't use Facebook, each issue of the News will include a full list of all links posted on Facebook as well as several stories that will only be posted in the newsletter.

     Please join us on Facebook to get access to the best stories about invasive species as quickly as we find them.

   If you have comments on the new format or any other topic, please send you comments, questions and complaints to newsletter@stopans.org.

Bob Wiltshire
Executive Director ISAN

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